Hydroseeding After Care Guide

Now that your area has been Hydroseeded, you will need to follow these simple directions to ensure that the seed germinates and continues to grow into a beautiful new lawn:

Watering Requirements

It is essential that you keep the lawn moist at all times using frequent sprinkling, preferably morning and evening. It is easy to see where watering is needed as the mulch will appear drier and lighter in colour when watering is necessary. The first 21 days are vitally important as the germinating seedlings cannot be allowed to dry out or they will die.

Watering Tips

Fertilizing Your Lawn

Your hydroseeding application has fertilizer mixed into the mulch to give the young seedlings the nutrients they require and will produce a “jump start”. However, a percentage of the fertilizer leaches through the soil and is not captured by the young seedlings. Until your lawn is fully established, you should apply fertilizer monthly using a high quality slow release fertilizer. After your lawn is well established, you should apply fertilizer about 4 times per year in conjunction with a weed control product.

Weed Control


Your new lawn can be mowed as soon as the grass blades are about 40 mm high and the ground is dry. Mowing will stimulate more growth, so it is important to mow at the correct height avoiding “scalping” of the new grass blades. Never remove more than the top 1/3 of the grass blade. Do not use a mulching mower until the lawn has been mowed 5 or 6 times with a conventional mower. During the fast growing periods, it is recommended that you mow your lawn twice a week.

We recommend that you treat your lawn each March/April for Grass Grub.