After Care Guide

Once your section has been Hydroseeded, there are a few simple steps you will need to take to ensure that the seed germinates and continues to grow into your perfect new lawn.


It is very important that you keep the lawn moist at all times. A good way to do this is to use a sprinkler on the lawn both morning and night. Do not let the water pool in any area of the lawn. If at any time the mulch looks dry and gets lighter in colour then you need to water it. The first 3 weeks are the most important because if the germinating seedlings dry out they will die.


When applied, your Hydroseed has fertiliser mixed into the mulch to provide your germinating seedlings with the nutrients they need initially. It is important that you continue to fertilise your lawn with a slow release fertiliser until it is established. Once your lawn is established you should fertilise it about once every 3 months.


Once your new lawn grows to around 75mm high and the ground is dry is is safe to mow. Mowing the lawn will actually help by stimulating new growth. It is important however to ensure that you never mow more than 1/3 of the grass blade to avoid "scalping". We recommend that you mow your new lawn once a week. Once the new lawn has been mowed about 6 times with a conventional mower it is ok to use a mulching mower.

After Care Monthly Maintenanance Schedule

Click here to view and download our Easylawn_Maintenance_Schedule.pdf