Purchasing Guide

Roll Sizes: Just over 2 metres long by 480mm wide
Depth: Between 20mm-25mm thick
Weight: Around 15kg per square metre
Ordering: Measure the area (width x length) and call us the day before the lawn is required
Pickup or Delivery: Trailers available - Approximately 35-50 square metres will fit on a single axle trailer and approximately 80-100 square metres will fit on a double axle trailer

Easylawn Turf picked up from yard $10.00 per roll. A roll = approximately 1m2

Easylawn Turf delivered over fifty rolls $12.00 per roll outside of Kaiapoi in the Canterbury area

We are open Monday through Saturday. Please call first to ensure that we have the lawn that you are looking for in stock.

Easylawn offers a full lawn laying service. We will meet you onsite to discuss your needs.

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