Seven steps to beautiful instant lawn

step 1
If weeds are a problem, spray site with Roundup or Network and leave for 2-3 weeks
step 2
Cultivate thoroughly to 150mm. If your soil is poor quality call us for advice.
step 3
Level area with board, add soil if necessary to fill low spots. Height should be approx 20mm below path to allow for EasyLawn.
step 4
Consolidate area by trampling with feet or a light garden roller. Never use a heavy roller.
step 5
Rake lightly for final levelling. Any undulations will be accetuated by the EasyLawn.
step 6
Roll out EasyLawn starting from a straight edge, stagger edges in 'brick work' pattern and tightly butt all edges.
step 7
When laying is complete water until thoroughly wet through. Roll lightly while still moist. Trim any edges.
step 8
Keep well watered for first 3 weeks after laying until lawn is well established.
Avoid keeping EasyLawn rolled up as it will dry out and deteriorate quickly. If laying is delayed stack in a cool place, keep moist and cover from the sun.
Do not mow until grass has reached height of approx 30mm and set the mower height to 20mm. Remove clippings, especially in early days of establishment.