Artificial Synthetic Turf

We provide the sale and installation of quality synthetic turf.

We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and offer only the finest quality products.

At Easylawn, we have the experience to match the right product for your project, as we understand each and every application is different.

Easylawn provides a product that not only drains better and lasts longer than the competition, but also looks better.

We are passionate about what we do, and the quality of service we provide. We invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Recent Easylawn projects include:


Residential Synthetic Turf

Your family can enjoy the beautiful outdoors all year round with Easylawn’s synthetic turf.
Easylawn synthetic turf is popular for New Zealand homes because of its low maintenance, quality, safety and durability.
A synthetic turf lawn saves you time and money in maintenance and it won’t be ruined by pets.
Our Easylawn residential synthetic turf is hypoallergenic and bug-free, so you are able to better enjoy the outdoors on your own beautiful section.  
Never mow your lawn again with our residential synthetic turf, one of the top quality artifical grass products available today.
Our turf comes with a 20 year life expectancy, depending on the application, and with its built-in UV protection means minimal fading from sun exposure.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf:

Synthetic Turf Options

We have the knowledge to best advise the right turf product to match your particular project or requirement.